Residential Real Estate Law

Whether you are a first time home buyer or an experienced residential real estate investor, we can assist you with closing your residential purchase, sale and refinance transactions. We represent individuals, families and businesses in all kinds of residential real estate matters.

Buying a Home

If you’re buying a home or condo, you’ll need a real estate lawyer to represent you. A law firm with extensive experience in residential real estate purchases is invaluable to minimize your risk and stress levels with one of life’s biggest financial commitments. Let Beganyi Professional Corporation Law Firm help you with your next home purchase.

Selling a Home

In a hot market like Toronto, or Mississauga selling a home can be quite exciting. If you’ve owned your home for a number of years, you’ve likely generated quite a bit of profit. However, before you can watch your bank balance grow, you need to make sure that your home sells successfully. Listing a home and selling it through the agent is just the first step. You will need a real estate lawyer to close the transaction and to help you deal with any issues or concerns that are brought up by the purchaser’s lawyer. Our firm can help you navigate this process. Let Beganyi Professional Corporation Law Firm help you with your next home sale.

Residential Mortgage Refinancing

At Beganyi P.C., we understand that real estate can be a complicated process with many different aspects to consider for both individuals and businesses looking to mortgage or refinance a property. Ladislav is skilled at guiding clients through each step, so they have the best opportunity possible while protecting their interests throughout this journey.

The law firm provides individualized attention no matter what your reason for refinancing your existing residential mortgage. Whether you’re securing funds for improvements on your home, paying off debts, or just taking advantage of more beneficial interest rates offered by banks these days, we are here to help.

Tax Planned Title Transfers

There are only two certainties in life: death and taxes. We can’t help you avoid death, but our firm can help minimize the taxes you have to pay. Whether you wish to gift property to your children before you die or set up trusts or other structures to minimize the tax you pay while you live and after you die, we can assist you. Ladislav Beganyi has extensive experience in helping individuals and business with the tax driven real estate transactions. If you’d like to have a consultation to see how our firm can assist you, please contact us.


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