Realtor Fees Ontario: Let’s Explain

Realtor Fees Ontario: Let’s Explain

Most people understand that there are costs involved with buying and selling properties, whether you live in Ontario, Canada, or somewhere else. However, it can be worthwhile learning what these costs are before starting the buying and selling process.

The more informed you are, the easier you may find it to choose the right time to sell. If you’ve been thinking about buying or selling in Ontario, you can learn more about realtor fees and other expenses below.

What Is the Realtor Commission in Ontario?

Every realtor is different, and commission fees can vary from one company to the next. Some companies set themselves apart by offering some of the lowest rates in the industry, while others are known for being open to negotiation.

While there is no set fee you can expect to pay as a seller, there is an average. The real estate commission in Ontario averages around 5%, with that figure often divided between the buyer’s agent and seller’s agent.

Who Pays the Realtor Commission in Ontario?

When buying or selling a home in Ontario, you may have asked the question: Who pays for the real estate commission? In Ontario , your realtor will receive his or her commission from the seller. The commission is paid at closing from the sale proceeds of the property. As a buyer, you don’t pay any fees to your realtor because the commission will be paid by the sellers and included in the purchase price of your home.

Common Realtor Fees in Ontario

While not strictly a realtor fee, closing costs are another necessary real estate expense to consider when b

When you talk about realtor fees, you think about the percentage of your house sale price you’ll be parting with as payment to your chosen realtor. However, there are other fees to consider on top of commission.

These extra fees relate to planning and administration, which are just as important as the commission fee.

House Inspection Costs

Many realtors recommend performing a home inspection and appraisal so they can be sure of a sales price reflective of the home’s quality. Generally, the home inspection cost in Ontario starts at $300 and can be something the buyer or seller covers, depending on the situation.


To make your home look as attractive as possible in photos, some realtors recommend staging. The costs associated with staging are on top of the realtor commission fees and start from around $2,000 per month.


Some realtors save vendors money by taking their own photos, but many bring in professional photographers. The better your property looks in pictures, the faster it may sell. Real estate photographers can cost upwards of $150 per photo session.  

Closing Costs

While not strictly a realtor fee, closing costs are another necessary real estate expense to consider when buying or selling property. These consist of title fees, loan fees, real estate deed-related costs, insurance, tax, and more.

Your chosen residential real estate lawyer can walk you through what to expect while also helping you to navigate any concerns or issues that arise with the buyer or buyer’s lawyer.

Are Realtor Fees Negotiable

Realtor fees can be negotiable, but not in all situations. Sometimes, a realtor may already offer competitive rates, which means there’s no room for negotiation. They might have also put in a lot of work to sell your home, meaning you’re quite comfortable paying their advertised rate.

However, if your house sells quickly or the agent’s rate is higher than others, you may see no harm in asking if there’s room to negotiate a lower rate. This may also be something you ask before you sign up your house with them.

Buying and selling property are big decisions to make, so there’s always value in learning about the costs you can expect. Realtor commissions, house inspections, and closing costs are just a few of the many to budget for as you consider putting your property on the market. 

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