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Formation of Professional Corporations

Running your dental practice through a dental professional corporation (“DPC“) can often have operational and tax benefits. Our firm can assist you in setting up a DPC and can assist you with setting up more comprehensive tax driven plans to allow you to utilize management corporations to income split with your spouse and other members of your family. 


Regulatory Compliance Review & Assistance

Whether you need to prepare proper patient consent/ disclosure forms or need to put in place operational protocols to ensure your practice complies with the latest regulatory guidelines set out by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, our firm can assist you. 


Practice Acquisitions & Sales

You shouldn’t trust the purchase or sale of a dental practice to just any business lawyer. You should retain a lawyer that understands that regulatory and legal landscape as it relates to the practice of dentistry and has industry contacts that can assist you in getting financing, negotiating leases and handling any other concerns that may come up. 


Employment & Contract Law

Dental hygienists and associates are an integral part of any growing dental practice. However, to protect the business you’ve worked hard to grow, you need to ensure that the employees/ contractors that you work with are subject to stringent restrictive covenants to protect your growing business. At our firm, we can assist you with drafting employment, contractor and associate agreements that allow you to grow your business while protecting your investment. 


Commercial Property Acquisitions

Running a dental practice can be profitable but, often, it makes sense to buy a commercial property from which the practice is being operated. Purchasing a commercial property allows you to save on rent and allows for the appreciation of capital in the commercial property over time. 

We can help you determine whether buying a commercial property is a good idea or whether you’re better of leasing the property for your practice.


Commercial Leasing

Many dentists lease the commercial space for their dental practice. 

If you’re planning to lease your commercial space, you want to ensure that your lease is reviewed by a lawyer prior to signing the lease to ensure that you understand your rights and obligations. 

In addition, when entering into a commercial lease in a commercial plaza, you want to ensure that you’re protected from competition by other dentists. 

Let our firm help you with your dentistry related legal issues.